Passionfruit Protein Yoghurt With Granola

Passionfruit Protein Yoghurt With Granola


Ever feel that intense sensation when your lips lock with that special sweet yogurt, our passionfruit sensation will keep you tantalised even in your dreams. Your new love of the day bringing you all the protein and delight needed, have no time for breakfast just have this everlasting relationship.

Just 1 cup of our yoghurt will provide most of the daily minerals you need, alongside amazing protein levels, you know the ones you’re always trying to reach. The probiotic blast gives your daily digestion a boost and creates a whole healthy body. Leaving you with a smile.

Our unique formulation for the protein yogurt is a leading healthy alternative to get your daily intake of minerals and protein in 1 easy cup. Waste not time, start this sensational relationship and have everything you could imagine in 1 cup of protein yogurt.

  • 180g
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