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At Zest, clean eating is more than a choice. It’s a lifestyle. Our specially formulated meals and snacks are not designed to supplement fad diets or the latest celebrity workout craze. They are a balanced, wholesome way to eat well and stay in shape, for the long term.

Our high protein, high carb meals are particularly well suited to athletes and weightlifters, who often need to eat specific types of food to maintain strength. You can easily spot these products on our website because they’re marked with the special Zest Sports logo.

Wherever you see this logo on, you’ll find a meal that has been carefully created to provide maximum performance. Salmon, rice, and chicken are popular choices, but we also want to bust the myth that athletes have to stick to this limited combination of carbohydrates and proteins.

There are all kinds of great superfoods out there that can help you to increase endurance, build muscle, and repair faster. Try our tantalising twist on the classic Sunday roast, with succulent slow cooked lamb and a medley of fresh vegetables, which is only one of many delicious choices available for every meal of the day.

Our Zest Sports meals are perfect for athletes, trainers, and weightlifters with busy schedules, who don’t have the time to put together their own clean eating plans. We cook up fresh, protein-rich ingredients and deliver them, in vacuum sealed containers right to your door.

All you need to turn them into a mouth-watering lunch or dinnertime meal is a microwave. You can enjoy Zest Sports products before or after gym sessions. Pre-gym, they’ll provide slow release energy and support the growth of muscle tissue. Post-gym, they’ll aid with muscle repair and refuel your body in the leanest, cleanest way possible.

An athlete’s eating habits differ greatly from a regular person. The tremendous stress that is put on the body every day needs to be compensated with carefully selected nutrients and minerals that can help the body recover faster and grow stronger, instead of breaking down.

And with Zest Sports, you can be sure that our professional team of dietitians and chefs will make every meal you have not only delicious but also the perfect nutritional blend to help your body recover and progress as quickly as possible.

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