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How long will my meals last for?
Zest meals meals have an average shelf life of 7-9 days in the fridge. We do recommend eating any meals with fish, broccoli and beans within the first 7 days. Always check the use by or expiry date before consumption.

The meals are vacuum sealed, this process removes oxygen from the meals to slow down the oxidation process, allowing the product to stay fresh naturally for as long as possible.
Freezing my meals?
We recommend that your meals are consumed fresh while they retain their great taste and nutritional goodness. If you like to freeze your meals they must be frozen before the use by/expiry date.
Are the images exactly what is in the meal?
Please note that our meals are packed and portioned according to weight and that quantity/pieces shown in images may vary.
What is zest sports?
The Zest Sports logo means the meal has been designed to accomodate the needs of athletes who require high protein and quality carbohydrate meals, while tasting fantastic. With Zest Sports you will get the nutrients to train harder for longer and get the results faster.
What does GF, DF symbols stand for?
These symbols are placed there for people with allergies the symbols represent the following:
GF means the product is gluten-free
DF means the product is dairy free
If you have any questions do not hesitate to call us.

We recommend that you check the ingredients thoroughly before consumption. (We have systems in place and take the highest care to keep allergy prone ingredients out of certain meals however they may still be present as all of our products are prepared and produced in the same kitchen)


How do I order?
Ordering is easy. Simply add the quantity by clicking on the full love heart "". Once you have added the desired quantity press the "ADD TO CART" button.

Once you have added all your meals to the cart, click on the little shopping trolley on the top right. Check your shopping cart to make sure you have added all your meals and then click "PROCEED TO CHECKOUT" button. Fill out your name, delivery address and click on "PROCEED TO PAYPAL" then you are ready to pay.
Is there a minimum order?
We have a minimum of $79 per order which includes delivery to your home or work place in the Gold Coast and Brisbane areas only.
When will my meals be delivered? And delivery days.
What happens if I place an order after the cut-off time?
We always strive to do our best to process your order for the next closest delivery day otherwise your order will be dispatched the next day of delivery.
Do you have a specific delivery day?
It is important that you let us know in your delivery notes if you would like your order to be specifically delivered on a certain day.


We delivery from Northern NSW all the way to north Brisbane
We deliver from the Northern NSW all the way through to North Brisbane
What time will my order be delivered?
All our delivery time start from approximately 7 a.m.

Delivery times may vary from week to week as delivery roots change weekly. If your delivery is to a business address please add the business name and operating hours on your delivery notes.

For an ETA of your delivery, give the head office a call on (07) 5593 6800
Do I need to be present to receive the delivery?

If you will not be present at the time of delivery that’s not a problem, the meals are delivered in a polystyrene esky with ice, which can hold a safe temperature for up to 6-8 hours.

Your delivery will generally be left at your front door unless you have advised a specific location in your delivery notes.

If you live in a gated complex or a high-rise building
Please leave delivery notes with instructions on how to enter the complex/high-rise, such as a code or buzzer, or if it is ok to leave your order at the reception.
If you have any issues with your order
Please call on (07) 5593 6800 or send us a email if there are any issues with the order you have received.
Delivery Days

Orders before 11 o'clock for next day delivery.

Next day delivery applies on Monday to Thursday.
Friday, Saturday, Sunday orders will be delivered on Monday.